Honor Your Loved One

Create a fitting farewell to your loved one by adding a unique touch to their funeral with a horse-drawn wagon. We have been providing sensitive and evocative funeral services for 15+ years. We will tailor our services to match your requirements. It will be our privilege to assist the family in their time of need.

Your loved one will be pulled by a team of Percheron or Clydesdale draft horses dressed in beautifully polished harnesses. Our coachman & header will be dressed in formal attire.


We can arrange for a funeral carriage to take the dearly departed from either of the following (depending on distance):

  • Funeral home to the Church

  • Church to Cemetery 

  • Funeral home to the Cemetery

  • Etc.

Your Pallbearers transfer the casket from the funeral home, church, or motorized hearse to the horse-drawn wagon and continue to your loved ones' final resting place. The funeral director and Liberty Farm can determine a transfer point for longer destinations. Due to the possibility of previous bookings, have your funeral director contact us directly; we will also need logistic information to determine feasibility and rates.


Honor the memory of your loved one. Our horse-drawn funeral services are available in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. What a beautiful and peaceful way to commemorate your loved one on the way to their final resting place.


Contact us today and let a horse-drawn wagon provide the perfect end to a beautiful life. 

Horse-Drawn Funeral Services

The beautiful horse-drawn hearse above is unavailable for hire and was for this event only. Shared with permission.