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Honor Your Loved One

funeral service
funeral service
funeral service
funeral service

Celebrate the life and legacy of your beloved with a horse-drawn wagon, providing a truly fitting farewell to their beautiful journey. At our funeral services, we understand the importance of honoring your loved one's memory with a unique and heartfelt touch. With years of experience providing sensitive and evocative funeral services, we are dedicated to tailoring our offerings to meet your specific requirements during this difficult time. It would be our privilege to assist your family in their time of need.

Our horse-drawn funeral services are available in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, offering a serene and peaceful way to commemorate your loved one on their final journey to their resting place. Your cherished one will be gracefully pulled by a team of majestic Percheron or Clydesdale draft horses adorned in beautifully polished harnesses. Our coachman and header will be dressed formally, ensuring a dignified and respectful atmosphere.


We offer flexible arrangements for the funeral carriage, catering to various distances and locations (depending on distance), whether it is from:

  • The Funeral Home to the Church 

  • The Church to Cemetery

  • From the Funeral Home to the Cemetery or any other specific route, we will work closely with you to fulfill your wishes.

To ensure seamless coordination and availability, we kindly request that your funeral director contacts us directly or provides us with their information. This will allow us to discuss logistical details, feasibility, and rates, considering any prior bookings.

Let us help you create a memorable and meaningful tribute to your loved one as we accompany them on their final journey with grace, elegance, and utmost respect.

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