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Liberty Farm offers horse-drawn services, including our most popular formal carriage services! 

Nothing is more memorable than arriving in style with our beautiful majestic draft horses, creating a perfect and timeless moment that will last a lifetime. Our Beautiful Percheron or Clydesdale draft horses are the perfect complement for any occasion.

liberty farm
liberty farm

For additional information or to request a quote, email us today!

AvailabilityWe offer our wedding carriage services off-site anywhere in Rhode Island and travel to various cities and towns within Massachusetts, Connecticut, Southern New Hampshire, and Southern Maine.

Cost: Our rates are for off-site services and are determined by many factors, including but not limited to the type, location & duration of the service requested for the event—special pricing for select local venues.

Ask us if your venue is one of them.

Reservations: When requesting information, please give as many details as possible to help us accurately quote you.  


Essential details to include are:

  1. Your requested service date​

  2. Requested time of Service

  3. Location of the requested Service

  4. Point A to B addresses are essential if transportation from one location to another is needed. ​


For additional information, quotes, to check availability, or to make a reservation, please email us at 

liberty farm
liberty farm

Carriage Choices

Our wedding carriages seat up to four adults while ensuring a stylish & evocative experience on your special day that neither you nor your guests will ever forget! ​

Our services may also be used to chauffeur members of your bridal party or guests to their seats or reception area for an additional fee.

Liberty Farm Arrowhead Acres Harrisville RI Uxbridge MA

Preferred Carriage Vendor of Arrowhead Acres

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