We are now offering an attractive luxury picnic option in addition to our horse-drawn services offered by a great local pop-up picnic company, Blanket & Basket RI! 

​Charcuterie spread or Cookies & Cocoa + Heated Blanket + Fresh Crisp Air + You + Your Favorite Person or People = An actual dream come true! See how we are elevating your rides!


Luxury Picnic Packages

Basic Pkg. (1-week minimum notice required)

Our basic package includes our custom table, décor of choice (Theme), heated blankets. Purchase cookies or treats from Liberty Farm to enjoy on your board.

$75 for 2-4

$90 for 6-8

$115 for 8-10

Luxury Picnic Pricing is in addition to your horse-drawn services with Liberty Farm.

Charcuterie Pkg. (2-week minimum notice required)

Our charcuterie package includes our custom table, décor of choice (Theme), charcuterie & heated blankets.

$150 for 2-4

$175 for 6-8

$225 for 8-10

$25- per additional person

Luxury Picnic Pricing is in addition to your horse-drawn services with Liberty Farm.

Hi Folks!

We hope you all have had time to take a deep breath, relax and reflect on the joys (and demands) of the holiday season; we sure have! As we gear up for our winter rides…hopefully, more with snow and sleighs, we want to be sure to accommodate your many requests by streamlining our communications.

As many of our followers know, we have been offering luxury mobile picnics through our subcontractor, Blanket & Basket RI, as an add-on to our carriage and sleigh rides. This option has been well received, with many customers adding luxury picnics to their rides. However, we have realized that booking this additional service has caused some confusion about who does what, so we are here to clear that up!

Simply put, if you have booked a carriage or sleigh ride with Liberty Farm and have any questions about your ride reservation, you must contact us directly! All questions related to ride scheduling, rescheduling, weather policy, ride cancellation policy, horse-drawn vehicles, draft team selections, photography/videography, and food products sold by Liberty Farm, i.e., hot chocolate, cookies, etc., must be directed to info@libertyfarm.net.

Questions about the luxury picnic add-on service, such as the décor and theme, custom picnic accommodations, or the food items included in your chosen luxury package, such as charcuterie, must be directed to Blanket & Basket RI.

And finally, please note that Liberty Farm and Blanket & Basket RI operate independently with separate booking, rescheduling, and cancellation policies.

We hope that helps to open up and simplify the lines of communication.


Thank you! Stay Warm!

Luxury picnic packages & pricing are subject to change at any time and are in addition to your reservation fees & services with Liberty Farm.

Luxury mobile picnics are subject to Blanket & Basket terms & conditions found on their website at www.blanketandbasketri.com.

Blanket & Basket RI picnics are non-refundable and subject to cancellation fees.