From our fields to your table

We raise our herd on our 46-acre homestead in the beautiful Northwestern corner of Northern Rhode Island.

Our cattle are born and raised on our farm all-naturally and without growth hormones. The same goes for our happy, free-ranging laying hens, meat birds, and turkeys. They all love foraging on nature's intended diet, eating nutritious bugs & the sweet grasses from our fields.
Then when time, processed humanely in a USDA Licenced & Inspected processing facility, then vacuum-packed and frozen before we pick it up.—you will be more than satisfied with our products.

We offer a great selection of various cuts of meats and bulk quantities as well as 1/4's, 1/2'2, and wholes of beef and pork (when available), which can be picked up by appointment at the farm or delivered to Burrillville and nearby surrounding areas. 
(Small delivery fee and/or order minimum applies)
-To place an order or to request current pricing, see below-
*Send us a message on Facebook @libertyfarmri*
*Email us at*
*Call or Text 401-651-6004*

When placing your order or requesting pricing, please remember to let us know the product you are interested in and how many of each item you are interested in.

Thank You!


Farm Fresh Beef


*Ground Beef & Patties*   

$7/lb ground- Bulk discounts available

GroundChoice of

-1 lb pkg

-2 lb pkg 


PattiesChoice of

-6 oz patties (4 pack only) 

-8 oz patties (2 pack or 4 pack) 

*Beef Sausage*

Breakfast & Maple Breakfast

-Ground & Links

Sweet Italian Sausage & Hot Italian

-Ground or Links



-Links, Ground & 6 oz patties (4 pack)

*Steaks, Tips & Ribs*

-Porterhouse Steak SOLD OUT

* 1 in/1.5 in cuts


-Ribeye Steak (BI) LIMITED

* 1 in/1.25 in cuts



* 1 in/1.5 in cuts

-Strip Steak LIMITED

* 1 in (Bone-In only)/1.25 in (Boneless only)

-Tenderloin Steak (Filet) SOLD OUT


-Center Cut Top Sirloin Steaks 

-Chuck Steak - (Bone-In)


-Top Sirloin Steak - (Bone-In)

-Flat Iron Steak - (Boneless)


-Flank Steak SOLD OUT

Skirt Steak LIMITED


-London Broil

-Beef Shanks

-Steak TipSOLD OUT


-Short Ribs 

-Stew Meat LIMITED



-Whole/Flat Half/Point Half


-Ox Tail  



-Bottom Round  

-Round Tip- Cap Off     

-Bottom Round Rump    

-Chuck Pot Roast- Boneless  

-Eye Round Roast   

-Rib Roast 

-Shoulder Pot Roast- Boneless  

-Tenderloin Roast 

-Top Sirloin Cap Roast

-Tri-Tip Roast


*Bones & Organs*


Beef Bones

-Soup/Marrow/Neck Bones

Beef Organs


Chicken Cuts & Whole Birds Available


Whole Chicken 

Chicken Breast (Boneless) SOLD OUT

Chicken Breast (Bone-In)  LIMITED

Thighs (Bone-In)  LIMITED

Drumsticks  LIMITED


Chicken Backs 

Chicken Feet 

Leg Quarters  


Turkey Cuts & Whole Birds Available

Breast (Boneless) SOLD OUT

Thighs (Bone-In) 



Turkey Backs 


Pork Cuts



-Ground Pork

Smoked Options

-Smoked Sliced Bacon

-Smoked Jowl Bacon

-Smoked Bacon Ends



-Country Style Ribs 

-Rib Chops



Ham Steaks & Chops

-Center cut ham steaks

-Sirloin Chops

-Center cut chops


Pork Roasts -coming soon.